QP2 – Internal Audit Procedure, Audit Plan

The Quality Manager in consultation with the Management System Representitive shall schedule Internal Audits on the basis of the status and importance of the activity or area being audited and based upon previous audit results, at least three full system audits per quater will be conducted. Audits may be undertaken by Adwin Springs Internal Auditors, LRQA (Third Party Certification Body), or clients undertaking Supplier Audits.

The audit procedure is for an impartial, qualified and competent auditor to conduct audits on a regular basis, using the Internal Audit Template. A hard copy audit file will be maintained, which will include any supporting audit notes, checklists, examples of documents etc.

Audits shall be process and systems based on audit records being subject to Management Review for effectiveness, trend analysis, and corrective action, in order to prevent re-occurrence of failures wherever possible.

Completed audits can be found in the Audit Folder

Audits must demonstrate that planned arrangements have been met and conform to the requirements of the company’s defined Management System processes; customers stated and implied needs, and the requirements of the ISO 9001 international management system standard.

Management, Team Leaders and Supervisors responsible for the area being audited shall ensure that action is taken without undue delay in order to eliminate detected non-conformances and their causes.

Resulting actions are identified as either “Areas for Improvement” (AFI’s) or “Non-conformance” (NC’s). Depending on whether the issue relates to an area or activity which is not as efficient or effective as it could be (AFI), or a process/system failure or breakdown (NC), i.e. failure against the documented requirements, the international management system standards or a significant risk/failure relating to the business, regulatory and/or customers requirements.