Company Forms and Templates

Listed below are the controlled forms and templates which are used. Some may be found, data entered straight onto and printed from the company database (Adwin2003.mdb or Morris2003.mdb) but examples of these are still listed below (marked with a *) .

Other usable forms may be viewed and printed by following the hyperlinks below: –

QC003/4 – System Audit Record

QC003a/2 – Environmental Audit Record

QC105/3 – Internal Audit Schedule

QC201/2 – Adwin Quotation*

QC202/4 – Adwin Class A Works Order*

QC203/2 – Adwin Class B Works Order*

QC204/1 – Adwin Category C Works Order*

QC205/3 – Adwin Invoice (example only produced from sage accounts)

QC206/3 – Adwin Delivery Note (example only produced from sage accounts)

QC209/4 – Adwin Customer Complaint

QC210/2 – Adwin Control Plan*

QC211/1 – Sales Order Day Book*

QC213/3 – Adwin Credit Note

QC215/2 – Adwin Stock Picking Note*

QC216/2 – Customer Complaint Analysis*

QC218/2 – Morris Customer Complaint

QC301/4 – Adwin Purchase Order*

QC303/2 – Material Batch Label 

QC304/3 – Adwin Supplier Rejection

QC306/2 – Morris Supplier Rejection

QC307/1 – Morris Purchase Order*

QC308/2 – Adwin Supplier Rejection Analysis*

QC309/1 – Morris Quotation*

QC406/3 – Adwin ISIR*

QC407/3 – Adwin Despatch Label*

QC408/2 – Adwin Concession Request

QC408b/2 – Morris Concession Request

QC410/3 FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)

QC413/1 – Adwin Letterhead

QC414/3 – Reject Label

QC416-2 Calibration Record Sheet Blank

QC418/1 – Products Held In Quarantine

QC419/2 – SPC Chart

QC420/1 – Guage R&R Study – QC421/1 (Use both)

QC422/1 – Adwin 8D Report

QC 423-1 Non-Conformance Register

QC 520-2 Back plate record sheet

QC510 – Hold Label

QC511 – Additional Inspection Form

QC511B –Spring inspection form

QC512 – Quality Alert

QC513 – Supplier Material Audit Check

QC515 – Adwin Sub Contract CCAR

New or updated forms will be added as and when required.