QP3 – Training, Awareness and Competence

QP3 – Training, Awareness and Competence

The skills and competencies required for employees will be established (i.e. as defined in the relevant training details document for each departmental training matrix), and will be recorded on the relevant Skills and Training Matrix.

Induction will take place for all new employees during their first week of employment.  Following induction new employees training requirements and established competencies will be recorded as appropriate on the Skills and Training Matrix.

Training will continue throughout employment depending upon business needs and legal/regulatory requirements.

The Adwin management team and specifically the ISO 9001 Management Representative will take responsibility for organising the training required and maintaining the Skills and Training Matrices, plus supporting records, such as hard copies of Certificates etc (if required), within the employee Personnel Files.

The Adwin and Morris Springs management team will review training needs on an ongoing basis and formally at the Management Review Meetings (via a review of the Training Matrices, current individual/business needs and ongoing legal/regulatory requirements etc).

Please see the training matrix folder for the Matrices show both training to be completed and training schedule

Follow below Hyperlinks to view the various Training Matrices. To the right are details of what the training entails.