QP5 – Corrective Action and Planning Procedure

1. Corrective Action Procedure

Non-conformances shall be reviewed and appropriately recorded in the Internal Audit reports, Customer Complaints Folder and the Non-conformance Folder, as appropriate.  This is in order to ensure appropriate action is taken to both satisfy the customer and ensure appropriate corrective action has been taken, and where possible, that action is taken to prevent any re-occurrence of non-conformances.

Non-conformance’s are reviewed on an ongoing basis via the regular and Ad Hoc management meetings, and formally as part of the Management Review meetings.  During such reviews non-conformities are reviewed for status, trends, the effectiveness of action and root cause preventive action (where possible).

Customer concessions may on occasion be an appropriate course of action. In these instanses, it is the responsibility of the MD or his nominated representative to seek customer concession, and to document the concession details. No action will be taken until positive and documented confirmation of acceptance is received from the customer concerned.

2. Planning

Action to prevent the occurrence of non-conformance is part of the planning process. Responsibility is that of the management team and commences with the review of customer inquiries/orders in order to ensure that Adwin and Morris Springs Ltd have the appropriate resource and capability in order to fulfill customers stated and implied requirements.

Planning is reviewed on a daily basis, during quotation and order processing and again as part of the Management Review process.

All key control stages are planned, monitored, measured and recorded within the Works Orders in order to prevent the occurrence of non-conformities wherever possible.

Human error can also be a key factor in the cause of non-conformity.  Planning to prevent occurrence of non conformance is evident via establishing and reviewing the skills, effectiveness and training needs of Adwin and Morris Springs employees, upon recruitment and on an ongoing basis.