QP6 Records Register

Adwin Spring Co. Ltd. & Morris Springs

Integrated ISO 9001 Business Management System

QP6 – Control of Records Procedure


All records shall be legible and identified, where applicable, to the product or process concerned.The records shall be stored in such a manner as to:

Provide for ready access

Prevent or minimise damage, deterioration or loss

Retention of Records

The retention period for Management System Records is defined in the Records Register. Records include contractual, project, job related (e.g. Drawings), management system generated records (such as audit and review records), accident and Incident records, and any formal/documented customer complaint/feedback records.

All of which may be held in hard copy or electronic format.

When the retention period has been reached, the Management Representative/MD is responsible for determining the necessary action.

Leave the records at current location

Remove to archive area

Destroy or delete

In the event that records are archived, the Management Representative/MD is responsible for ensuring that adequate identification is maintained.

Issue of Documentation

Records being made available to third parties, shall be uncontrolled documents and must be authorised for release by either CEO or Managing Director.