QP7 – Control of Non-Conformance Procedure

QP7 – Control of Non-Conformance Procedure

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that all products or purchases not conforming to specification are adequately controlled, i.e., as follows:

Segregated to prevent unauthorised use

Decisions concerning the non-conformity are undertaken in a controlled manner

Information concerning the non-conformity is recorded for future analysis to ensure that subsequent corrective action can be determined to prevent a recurrence of this or similar concerns.

This procedure is applicable to all products and services provided to satisfy customer requirements whether made-in house or purchased from suppliers or sub-contractors.

The non-conformity shall be brought to the attention of the Management Representative / Joint MD.

The non-conformity, usually related to a customer complaint, purchased items, internal rejects or sub-contracted work, shall be recorded on a Non-conformance form.

Examples of non-conforming disposition decision are as follows:

Accepted with or with our re-work on a customer concession


Re-graded for alternative use


Rejected to supply source

Should it be deemed that the products or purchases are to be re-worked then they shall be subjected to the same inspection procedures previously defined.

In the event that a sub-contractor provides a service that is non-conforming then corrective action is completed in the same manner as it is for non-conforming product.

All Customer Complaints/Returns will be recorded and processed in accordance with the Corrective and Preventive Action Procedures.

The Management Review  shall be the forum at which non-conformities are formally discussed. Effectiveness of actions taken and any adverse or developing trends will be discussed.

The minutes of the Management Review meeting shall detail the actions agreed and be followed up at subsequent meetings to determine how effective the actions have been.