Purchasing and Supplier Controls

Source of Supply

The Company will select and use suppliers who fit at least one of the following criteria.

a.The supplier is registered as a firm of Assessed Capability, by any of the third party organisations accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service).

b.The supplier has been assessed by certification bodies outside the UK, to equivalent systems.

c. Adwin Spring has been instructed to use the supplier by a customer.

d. The supplier has been accepted after a site visit by the CEO, Managing Director, Production Director or Quality Manager.

e. The supplier has previously supplied to Adwin Spring, who then will be judged on their historical performance.

Our Register of Approved Suppliers is held within our Sage Accounting software & Adwin Database along with copies of any appropriate certificates.  No additions can be made without the approval of the CEO, Managing Director, Production Director or Quality Manager

New suppliers are judged solely on their ability to supply the goods or services we require which shall include: –

Quality of goods or service
A fair economical price.
Response to our urgent request when it is needed.

Supplier performance for both companies will be monitored by the CEO, Managing Director, Production Director or Quality Manager. They will notify all those concerned as to any change in supplier status.

A continuous record of quality performance/standards of all suppliers for both companies will be maintained by reference to Goods Returns Notes and Inspection Reports produced from the goods received inspections carried out at Adwin Spring. These records will be discussed at the quarterly Quality Meeting and used to help decide if suppliers are to be retained on the Register. If their standards deteriorate they will, after suitable warning and at our convenience are removed from the register.
Provision of Data/Purchasing Controls to Suppliers
Purchase Orders

All product requirements will be clearly set out in the Purchase Order and where applicable will contain technical information supported with drawings, specifications, samples, special checking media etc.

It is important that our suppliers are given the clearest of instructions when technical information is given we should ensure that we quote where applicable on our purchase orders:-

Drawing Issue numbers and where necessary their date of issue

The relevant National or International standard we require, its issue-level and its date of issue

Any other technical information that is relevant

The Purchase Order will also record when documentation such as Certificates of Conformity, Material Analysis, Lot Identification, and segregation are required.

The Purchase Order will give clear instructions as to the delivery address and any other special instructions that may be required.

The CEO or Managing Director will be responsible for the effective provisioning of data to suppliers and will ensure that the material/product requirement is reviewed and the Purchase Order is signed once satisfied with the information provided.

The Joint Managing Directors or their nominee will ensure that any modification to an order once sent to the supplier, will be promptly communicated to the supplier. Where appropriate this may involve the replacement of drawings or any other technical information previously provided to the supplier.

Dependant on circumstances the Purchase Order may require a written amendment which will be issued, signed and dated by a director.

The person in the role of Operation/Logistics will responsible for the maintenance of a record of technical information (drawings, specifications etc.) which has been provided to suppliers so that this information can be updated when modifications occur.

Purchaser Supplier Products (free issue material)

Adwin Spring & Co Ltd accept full responsibility for the effective storage, handling, and identification of Customer supplied products/materials, which will be identified as “Free Issue” by use of a label stating the customer’s name, order number and where necessary a part number.

Such free-issue material will pass through the companies normal methods of manufacturing controls and inspection activities. This may include where appropriate:-

Process Control
Receiving and Inspection
In-Process Inspection
Final Inspection and Test

Any problems encountered with free-issue materials will be taken up with the customer by the Quality Manager to arrive at a satisfactory solution. The agreed corrective action will be recorded.

During extended storage it will be the Quality Managers responsibility to carry out regular checks to ensure that the consignment is in the condition as received, any deterioration or discrepancies will be reported to the customer.

The Quality Manager will be responsible for contacting the customer and keeping a record in the Inspection Diary of any discrepancies or deterioration found.

Verification of Purchased Products

Customer may verify the quality of their purchased products in the factory if they wish.

Where customers require to verify the quality of their purchased products at Adwin Spring Co Ltd, either during manufacture or prior to despatch the CEO or Managing Director will take the responsibility for ensuring access for the customers representative so that he can carry out any checks that he may consider necessary.

The Quality Manager will carry out the necessary liaison with the customer’s representative on the shop floor and will assist him as far as possible with the checks and general shop floor arrangements.

The representative will be expected to provide and sign his own company certification to verify that his inspection has been carried out. This documentation will be attached to the customers’ purchase order and filed as part of the job pack for future reference.

Should the customer not provide his own certification then he will need to endorse his purchase order as verification of his inspection. A separate sheet if necessary can be attached to the order.

Customers may also wish to verify the quality systems in operation at our sub-contractors. In this event, suitable arrangements will be made by the CEO or Managing Director to ensure that this requirement is met to the customer’s satisfaction.

Our purchase order to our sub-contractor will carry an appropriate note when this requirement (3.4.6) applies.

Verification by our customer at our sub-contractors premises shall not absolve the company of its responsibility to provide acceptable quality products.