Our Latest CNC Additions

3 Wafios machines 2x FSE23 & 1x FSE33

Three of the fastest coiling machines in the UK offering touch screen programming and very fast set up times. Capable of making compression, barrel, conical springs and close coiled lengths.

Nucoil FX-20

This new machine now offers us the ability to produce wire forms, torsion springs, and tension springs quickly and accurately with superb repeatability.

Bridgeport VMC600 with 40000 rpm option

This machine is customised to offer very high-speed machining, enabling us to do very complex 3D tooling. We are now able to produce prototype parts with three-dimensional form ribs and part marking. The machine is also fitted with Renishaw touch and laser probes for increased accuracy and speed of setting.

Sodick VZ300L

This latest machine from Sodick (our second) features linear driven motors and boasts an accuracy of 2 microns. This enables us to produce the highest quality production and prototype tooling and rapid prototype blanks.

We also have a Sodick K1C Hole Drilling machine to achieve very tiny start holes as well as being able to drill through a hardened material.